About us

Core team

Arild Nodland – Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Mr Nodland is a former advisor to the United Nations and European Union with ten years of work experience in global conflict areas. He has served as an officer with the Norwegian armed forces in NATO and UN peacekeeping missions worldwide. Mr Nodland holds two Masters Degrees, one in International Studies (1993) – specializing in defence and security studies, and a Master of Arts degree (2005) specialising in political risk analysis and religions’ role in global politics.

Odin Hjellestad – Operations Manager
Mr Hjellestad is a former a journalist and seaman. Mr Hjellestad has also worked with the United Nations in several conflict zones onshore in a civilian as well as military capacity. He studied Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen and is a trained pilot from the North American Institute of Aviation.

Pauline Lemaire – Analyst
Pauline Lemaire has a Master in International Relations (2009) specialising in conflict analysis. She speaks French, English, Norwegian, German, and some Spanish. She has worked with Bergen Risk since early 2010.

Our core team is augmented by a large network of partners and associates (mariners, academics, former military personnel and police, lawyers, country experts) who help us provide timely and precise assessments and reports as well as reliable maritime security services. 


Gunnar Gullaksen, Chairman
Gunnar Gullaksen has a diverse background in banking, finance and insurance. He has held various leadership positions at DnB Markets, Vital and Norne Securities. Mr. Gullaksen has developed business units and companies for many years. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Arvid Moltubakk, Board Member
Mr Moltubakk has been employed by a large Norway-based shipping company since 1991, in which he is currently Operations Manager for the Middle East region, Indian Subcontinent and most of Africa. His geographical area of responsibility covers the sea lanes through the piracy infested Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. He previously served as tank commander in the Norwegian armed forces. Mr Moltubakk holds a bachelor degree in economics, specialising in investments and energy.