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Building a robust knowledge of risk exposure may, in fact, be the most important form of mitigation. Even so, risk identification and analysis have to be followed up by adequate prevention and response. Bergen Risk Solutions can assist in suggesting the most appropriate risk mitigation strategies in any given high-risk country. We know that every company is unique. We will work hard to understand each client’s requirements before we propose any solutions.



Together with our clients, we go through our standardised risk checklist in order to identify potential risk factors as early as possible in the decision making process. The checklist is a synthesis of risk factors defined by Bergen Risk Solutions and those used by industry, insurance companies, United Nations and relevant academic institutions. It works as a starting point in the risk-mitigation process, and can be tailored, contracted and expanded to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients.


We systematically collect and analyse information available from a wide variety of sources.  After reaching an understanding with our clients on what the relevant risks are, we use our core team, partners, networks and field missions to ensure that we have all information that is required to proceed.


Country and area risks are uncertainties and threats to investments and operations specific to a particular country or area, be it on or off shore. Thorough analysis of political and security risks, as well as client vulnerabilities and existing mitigating measures, is a must in any business decision.

Our security risk assessments are intended as actionable management tools for our clients.


Knowledge must be acted upon in order to lower risk exposure. Once a risk assessment is completed we can assist in security planning and implementation of risk reducing measures. Our starting point for doing so is the Minimum Operation Security Standards used by the United Nations on land, and recognised international (ISPS/IMO) recommendations at sea.  Bergen Risk Solutions’ personnel have lived and worked by these standards themselves in several high-risk areas and know that they work. We will ensure they work for you, too.


Bergen Risk Solutions acknowledges that in order to succeed in many places, traditional security thinking sometimes it not enough. A credible and sustainable strategy to include host nations and local communities will often reduce conflict potential and be good for business. Giving something back by sharing benefits, knowledge and jobs is positive virtually in every corner of the world. So is operating responsibly in terms of the environment. We are no experts in Corporate Social Responsibility. But we know good people who are.


We are completely independent of third-party interests and will work hard to cover all relevant issues representing potential risks to our clients’ plans and activities.

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