Bergen Risk Solutions provides analyses and risk mitigation strategies that enable oil, gas and shipping companies, government agencies and humanitarian organisations to manage risks associated with investing and operating in high-risk environments.

Bergen Risk Solutions is a leading, independent actor in political, maritime and security risk assessments, focusing on Africa, especially Nigeria and the Niger Delta.

We assist our clients by identifying and assessing risks they are exposed to in their areas of operations. Our reports and briefings will enable better decision-making based on accurate, relevant and focused information, which in turn will accelerate opportunities and reduce risks.

We offer ready-made subscriptions, bespoke reports and consulting services in the following security fields:

  • Threat assessments on and off shore
  • Maritime security maps and solutions
  • Country and area analysis
  • Project vulnerability studies
  • Travel risk assessments
  • Security planning
  • Operational and logistical planning
  • Expert statements for arbitration/disputes