GoA & Indian Ocean

Intelligence support is vital to a safe and secure voyage in maritime high risk areas. We have covered global, and especially Somalia-related piracy, for several years and have developed two off-the-shelf services designated to assist ships plying the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

Ship specific reports:
These consist of a daily report to ships in transit and contain not only a written piracy update and map, but also a plot of the ship’s position and range the next 24 hours. Other features are essential security contact information, and two weather and wave slides for the next 12 and 24 hours.

Sample ship specific report

Fleet reports:
These are tailored to meet the requirements of managers of large as well as small fleets. They consist of a map showing the latest pirate activity and an essential text update from naval forces operating in the area. Fleet reports are sent by e-mail 365 days a year.

Sample report here

Sample map here

NOTE: These reports are additions to, not a substitute for, information and alerts issued by the UKMTO, EU NAVAL FORCE/MSC-HOA, NATO and other government intelligence/security providers.