Security Maps

Bergen Risk Solutions possesses one of the largest quality assured databases on piracy and maritime crime in the world – updated 365 days a year. The data is made available to our customers as information overlays to electronic nautical charts (ENCs) – or by accessing our maritime security analysis tool, Blackbeard – Visualising Risk

The piracy information overlays are superb for ship managers, captains and bridge crews who need a quick and easy overview of the current threat. The Blackbeard is intended as a powerful tool for risk managers and analysts on shore.

We collect, collate and integrate information from all the authoritative sources on piracy and armed robbery against ships:

  • IMB Piracy Reporting Centre
  • UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO)
  • Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA / EU NAVFOR)
  • Maritime Trade Information Centre – Gulf of Guinea (MTISC-GoG)
  • Nato Shipping Centre
  • US Office of Naval Intelligence
  • IMO
  • Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP)
  • Credible media reports & other open source

In addition, we have a large network of sources, especially in the Gulf of Guinea that help us obtain verifiable information that is not in the public domain. 

Note: The piracy information overlays are an addition to – not a substitute for – monitoring alerts issued by governmental security information providers.